8:32 am - Tuesday June 6, 2023

President of USAWOA

Welcome to USAWOA Online

Hello! My name is Jim White. I am the President of our U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA). Thank You for taking the time to learn about our association that has supported the Army Warrant Officers and their families since July 1972.  “Our Association” is the term we prefer to use. This is because the words “my” or “the” do not adequately express the true spirit with which we operate. Our association is made up of Army Warrant Officers, Honorary, and Associate members who are passionate and interested in our Corps!


Many of our members serve on active duty, the National Guard and Army Reserve. Others served honorably in the past and retired from an Army Warrant Officer career. No matter our status, we are concerned about the future and show commitment to serve our Nation.


Our Association is an active member of  The Military Coalition. Our voice joins that of some 33 other military organizations representing 3.5 million members and seeking to support and preserve laws, funds, and policies which are fair and proper for America’s service members, retirees, and their families. Your association is the only professional organization which acts and speaks exclusively for Army Warrant Officers through a variety of approaches and timely actions we make our positions and concerns known to the senior leadership.


At the “Chapter” level, members of our association regularly involve themselves in  service projects both on installations and off. Members fund scholarships and support worthy charities. Members dedicate time and energy to humanitarian service. Many chapters organize and sponsor welcome committees, mentor groups, professional development seminars, sports competitions, news letters, and various social activities. Some Chapters also have home pages and many more are coming up on the web. Visit our Worldwide Chapters page for the location of the Chapter nearest to you.


We provide a variety of member benefits and services which I encourage you to take a look at. They include an Affinity VISA Credit Card, USAWOA scholarships, discounts on Army Times subscriptions, auto rental discounts, a 10-10-Dial-around discount service, and more. Again, please visit our member benefits and services page for details on these and other programs we enter into in the future.


Please do go on to learn more about our association.


Jim White

  James “Jim” White

Chief Warrant Officer 5, US Army Retired

USAWOA   National President

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PS: In these times of very high deployments in support of World Wide Operations and more, please also see Support Our Troops, Warrant Officers Prayer and Serviceman’s Prayer.