8:26 am - Sunday November 29, 2020

October 2013



1.      Call to Order:  CW5 Rob Pitts chaired the meeting and asked all to rise.  CW4 Rodney Ferguson (Chapter President) called the meeting to order at 1700hrs, 17 October 2013.  CW5 Pitts led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance and The Warrant Officer Prayer.  A quorum was present.

 2.      Welcome:  CW5 Pitts welcomed the members and guests.

 3.      CW5 Pitts took Roll Call:  16 members present: 

a.       Members:  CW4 Ferguson (Chapter President), CW5(R) Venckus (Chapter Vice President), CW5 Pitts (Chapter Secretary), CW2 Roman (Chapter Treasurer), CW5(R) Fagin (Proxy), CW5(R) Peterman, CW2 Crosby (Via Telecon), CW2 Vreeland, CW4 Martinez (Proxy), CW4(R) Blanco (Past President), CW3(R) Rich (Proxy), CW3 Peters (Proxy), CW4(R) Peters (Proxy), CW2(R) Wimberly, CW5(R) Wimberly, CW2 Brumfield.
b.      Guest: CW5 Johnson and CW3(R) Glidden.

 4.      Minutes:  Minutes of the previous meeting were read by CW5 Pitts.  A motion was made by CW5(R) Venckus to accept the minutes as rendered.  The motion was seconded by CW5(R) Wimberly and the motion carried.

5.      Reports of Officers and Standing Committees:

a.       Secretary’s Report:  CW5 Pitts reported that the Annual Meeting of the Members was in progress and everyone should have rendered a Proxy to ensure a quorum could be achieved.  Some members indicated they had and some had not.  CW5 Pitts stated that he would develop a calendar of events to ensure chapter members are informed well in advance and reminded to be proactive on these key events.  In the upcoming events the most important to the chapter is the 8 November golf tournament fundraiser.  CW5 Pitts reports 13 Members at Large in the Tampa Bay Chapter area and 42 actual chapter members on the roll.  Of the 42, two memberships are recently expired, four are up for renewal in the next 60 days and one member reported back that they have departed the Tampa Bay area.  A motion was made by CW2 Brumfield to accept the report as rendered and it was seconded by CW5(R) Peterman.  The motion carried.
b.      Treasurer’s Report: CW2 Roman reported the Chapter Checking Account has total deposits of $1,052.92 and commitments of $867.03.  This leaves an available balance of $185.89.  CW5(R) Wimberly motioned that the report be accepted as rendered subject to audit.  CW2 Brumfield seconded the motion and the motion carried.
c.       CW5 Pitts solicited members present for announcements.  CW2 Vreeland informed the chapter that she had been selected for promotion to CW3 and in an act of total class…offered to buy everyone present a drink of their choice.  The chapter shares in her enthusiasm and congratulates her on her accomplishment.
d.      Words from the Vice President:  CW5(R) Venckus spoke of the importance of bringing new members to the meetings.  He noted that there are numerous Warrant Officers both active duty and retired in the local area some of which are not members of the USAWOA much less the Tampa Bay Chapter.  He encouraged the members present to promote the chapter.
e.       Words from the President:  CW4 Ferguson seconded comments provided by CW5(R) Venckus on membership and added that the Golf Tournament Fundraiser must be promoted by the chapter members.  He emphasized the importance to the fundraiser to the chapter.  CW4 Ferguson informed the members that the next Regional Meeting would be held in January 2014 at a location in Jonesborough, Georgia.  He would like to attend this event or at least have representation there at the meeting.  He stated that he wants to be able to talk about the Tampa Bay Chapter and all the accomplishments of our chapter since the last regional meeting.  Therefore, he is asking to members to promote the chapter and be active in chapter activities.
f.       Committee Reports:

(1)   Historian / Website Committee:  CW3 Crosby reports improvements to the website located at www.tampabay-woa.org.  He has added a link to the sign up page for the November 8th Golf Scramble.
(2)   Memorabilia Committee: CW2 Brumfield delivered the first batch of Chapter Polo Shirts to those who had ordered.  He took additional orders for shirts.  He also informed the chapter about additional options for a moisture wicking type T-Shirt that could be purchased from a local vendor for approximately $15.  CW2 Brumfield reports that he is exploring options for a chapter coin and demonstrated a coin that the chapter could purchase from a vendor for $6 each if a minimum quantity of 200 coins were ordered.  CW3(R) Glidden also presented a coin that could possibly be purchased for less.

6.      Old Business: 

a.       Chapter Gideon:  The chapter has a plaque ready to present to Mr. McCloud as recognition for his donation of the Chapter Flag.  CW5(R) Wimberly stated that he had tried multiple times to contact Mr. McCloud but that he may be out of the country on business.  He also suggested that if Mr. McCloud was unable to travel to a Tampa Bay Chapter meeting he knows of a veteran’s organization that may be in a better position location wise to present the plaque.  CW4 Ferguson stated that it would be best to try again next month but acknowledges that Chief Wimberly’s idea is a good alternative plan.
b.      USO Update:  Per CW4 Ferguson old business related to the USO is now closed.
c.       Community Support:  Per CW4 Ferguson this issue is closed until the next project can be identified and required funds are available to execute.
d.      Non-Profit Status:  CW5 Pitts will amend the by-laws in collaboration with CW4(R) Blanco to include an executive steering committee and present them to the chapter for approval.
e.       Warrant Officer Luncheon: CW5 Johnson stated that he is looking to do an OPD Session to educate the local population on the new Officer Evaluation Report.  He will brainstorm the issue and present a recommendation at the next meeting.
f.       Tough Box:  CW5(R) Venckus has a tough box located.  CW2 Roman will coordinate with the Legion Post Commander and determine if they have a place the Chapter could secure a Tough Box with our meeting equipment such as the Chapter Flag.
g.       Golf Tournament Fundraiser:  The Tampa Bay Chapter and the Hispanic American Golf Association have a fundraising tournament scheduled for 8 November.  A link to the sign up page can be found at www.tampabay-woa.org.  A flyer for this tournament is attached to the minutes.
h.      Business Software: The chapter has a requirement for business software to assist the treasurer among other things to account for funds.  According to CW4 Ferguson the issue was tabled until further notice.

 7.      New Business:  No New Business

8.      Adjournment:  CW5 Venckus asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was made by CW2 Roman and seconded by CW2P Vreeland.  The meeting adjourned at 1805hrs.

9.      The next meeting is scheduled for 21 November 2013 at 1630hrs.  


//Original Signed//                                                                                //Original Signed//
ROBERT C. PITTS III                                                                          RODNEY L. FERGUSON
CW5, OD                                                                                             CW4, QM
Chapter Secretary                                                                                Chapter President 

Tampa Bay Chapter USAWOA
PO. Box 6228
Tampa Fl 33608